Our patisserie offers a selection of pastries, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and snacks.

The opening times are Monday to Saturday between 7am and 1pm and between 3pm and 8pm and on Sundays between 7am and 1pm and between 5pm and 8pm.

Patisserie menu

Rice cake
2,000 Ar

Madeleine (French butter cake)
2,000 Ar

Cassava cake
2,000 Ar

2,000 Ar

Cheese croissant
2,000 Ar

Chocolate spice cake
5,000 Ar

Fruit tart
5,000 Ar

Coconut cream cake
3,000 Ar

Mocha cake
2,000 Ar

Chocolate eclair
3,000 Ar

Chocolate cake roll
3,500 Ar

White cake roll
3,000 Ar

Red cake roll
2,000 Ar

Ice cream (during summer months)
4,000 Ar

Opera cake
5,000 Ar

Pizza with chicken
6,000 Ar

700 Ariary p / piece (minimum 10)

In addition to our selection of pastries, we offer jams, cookies, spicy sauces as well as the SOA Finiavana rosewood honey from our region.

The small shop also sells various items that are useful to hotel guests and travellers, such as toothbrushes, soap and anti-mosquito repellents.

Cakes on special order

We offer cakes for weddings, birthdays, baptisms, inaugurations and any other special events.

  Standard butter cakes Fruit cakes with fresh cream Shape
6 people 70,000 Ar / 350,000 FMG 80,000 Ar / 400,000 FMG round
8 people 80,000 Ar / 400,000 FMG 90,000 Ar / 450,000 FMG round
10 people 900,000 Ar / 450,000 FMG 100,000 Ar / 500,000 FMG round
20 people 130,000 Ar / 650,000 FMG 140,000 Ar / 700,000 FMG rectangle
30 people 150,000 Ar / 750,000 FMG 160,000 Ar / 800,000 FMG rectangle
60 people and more Prices according to size Prices according to size multi-storey rectangle

Please tell us your ideas and let us bake the cake of your dreams.